Postkarten aus Israel & Palästina

Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus Israel & Palästina.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Israel & Palestine.


✦ Black Canyon, Israel 
A place where you can explore out of this world landscapes and enjoy amazing sceneries by walking on well marked trails sounds too good to be true. But in the desert of Israel we found this gem called Black Canyon, which might be the country’s most underrated hiking destination. Once again we didn’t meet any other people for hours, which also encouraged our desire to hike the Israel National Trail one day. Although steep descends on loose rocks aren’t our favourite thing, the views ranging from the black mountains all the way to the Jordan Valley and the priceless feeling of exploring an unknown planet on our own were definitely worth it.


✦ Ein Avdat NP, Israel
Wandering through the moonlike landscape of Ein Avdat was one of our best road trip experiences ever. After camping wildly nearby we were the first people in the Nationalpark and got overwhelmed by the unexpected scenery while feeling the absolute freedom of exploring this remote place at our own pace.


✦ Bell Caves, Israel
Discovering remote destinations is one of the things we love most about traveling. When we entered this place we were completely alone only with a few birds and hundreds of bats flying around and the sunlight falling through the ceiling. We felt so absolutely connected with nature and as if we were the first persons ever setting foot in these caves.


✦ Mitzpe Ramon, Israel
Back to our natural habitat, back to camping in the desert. Bye Vienna, we had a great month.


✦ Red Canyon, Israel
Due to recent budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has temporarily been turned off.