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Solheimasandur, Iceland
It was a long walk with strong wind and upcoming rain through the desolate plane of Solheimasandur until we reached this plane wreck at Iceland´s south coast. The melancholic atmosphere was only disturbed by ridiculously posing and ruthlessly photobombing tourists. So we just waited until the rain got stronger and suddenly we were the only ones left around. Its true what they say: There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing – especially in Iceland.


✦ Borgarfjördur, Iceland
After seeing puffins for the first time in Canada, Borgarfjördur in Iceland gave us the chance to finally watch them really close. In tiny observation huts built right next to a nesting spot we got an uncut view of their social behaviour and notoriously bad flying skills. Since puffins can hardly take off and rather crash than land at their nests, we wondered how this species managed to survive until today. However, we easily spent one or two hours with these half penguin half parrot creatures before continuing our trip, it´s just too hard to say goodbye to these charismatic little fellas


✦ Kerlingarfjöll, Iceland
We could have spent hours wandering around the surreal red mountains between steaming geysirs and bubbling mud pools in the majestic geothermal valley of Kerlingarfjöll, but an upcoming storm and a two hours hike back to the mountain hut made us leave earlier. Before that day we´ve never eperienced the extreme change of alpine weather. Within a few minutes after that pic was taken it startet pouring, the trail became a mudslide and heavy fog didn´t make the trek any easier as we sometimes couldn´t see further than ten meters. Walking almost blindly not seeing where the snow ended, the fog started or where we were going was extremely scary. Thanks to the GPS on our phone we got through this adventure, which was followed by the coldest night we´ve ever spent in a tent – outdoor activities in the highlands of Iceland are definitely not for the faint hearted.


✦ Seljavallalaug, Iceland
A dip in a natural hot thermal pool is the perfect authentic treat after some days of wild camping and hiking in rainy Iceland. Seljavallalaug is a really nice spot located just a short walk from a parking lot and offers a rustic spa experience with great views of the surrounding mountains. After relaxing in this giant steaming bathtub, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful scenery of small creeks running down misty hills, which are covered by lush, green moss we couldn´t have asked for more.


✦ Haifoss, Iceland
Visiting Iceland during the rainiest summer in decades definitely also had it´s advantages. After driving on a pretty rocky path for a bit we decided to give our small rental car a break and hike the last few kilometers to this amazingly beautiful spot. The water plunging down the cliff into the deep gorge and the contrast between black volcanic rock and bright green moss created one dramatic scenery. Considering the fact that we were – once again – almost completely alone made Haifoss one of our most favourite spots in Iceland.


✦ Skógafoss, Iceland
Merry Christmas! May your day be filled with love, kindness and happiness. And may the eggnog be during like the water of this waterfall.