Postkarten aus dem Oman

Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus dem Oman.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Oman.


✦ Jabal Samhan, Oman
After a chilly camping night in the mountains of Oman the spreading light and warmth of a sunrise always felt like redemption. That day we found a great spot to stay overnight on top of the cliffs of Jabal Samhan. As the sun rose above the Indian Ocean, daylight revealed some amazing views over the entire coast and offered one of the best toothbrushing sceneries we’ve ever had. The Corona crisis somehow resembles a long, cold night we spend waiting for dawn. There are still some dark hours ahead of us, but eventually the sun will shop up again.


✦ Rub al – Khali desert, Oman
After finishing our world trip we thought this would be the end of our adventurous lifestyle for a long time, but to be honest being back home gives us so many possibilities we didn’t even realize before. Vienna offers countless great spots for hiking and micro adventures in closest vicinity and thanks to our soon improving financial situation outdoor activities seem endless. It may sound odd, but instead of being trapped in the city we feel as if we were in the middle of an unknown country ready to explore the adventure playground right in front of our doorstep. This pic was taken in Oman at the edge of Rub al-Khali, the biggest sand desert in the world, where we climbed some random dunes and didn’t even know where to pitch our tent for the night. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you carry freedom in your heart.


Wadi Nakhar, Oman
If you thought the highest peak of Oman was a sanddune, we have to disappoint you. When the steep winding roads of the Hajar Mountains pushed our rental car beyond it´s limits, we hired a local driver to take us to the so called „Grand Canyon of Arabia“ in his 4×4. As we finally got there we were absolutely mindblown by the 1000 meters deep cliffs of Wadi Nakhar and climbed up several small viewpoints. We ended our day wild camping under a couple of trees, where some goats came by and decided to lick our tent for unknown reasons. Untouched nature and weird animal encounters pretty much sum up a typical camping day in Oman.


Wadi Dam, Oman
Wild camping gives us the opportunity to sleep at the most remote and idyllic places, but finding the right spot to pitch our tent can sometimes be quite tricky. Our personal most important rule is that we want to feel safe in order to get a good night’s sleep. Additionally it´s a nice bonus if our spot of choice is protected from wind and sun, like this beautiful dried out river bed in Oman, where cliffs and trees created a great natural shelter. Ps: Can you spot Jonathan posing like mufasa on one of the rocks?

Wüste gepostetes Foto(2)

✦ Khasab, Oman
Watching the rising morning sun on top of this random dune next to Highway 32 in Oman.


✦ Rub al – Khali desert, Oman
Never have we seen such white sand dunes, which felt exactly like walking through fine wheat flour.


✦ Musandam, Oman
It may sound unspectacular for some persons, but after spotting dolphins in countries like Indonesia, Ecuador, Greece, New Zealand, Belize and Tanzania it was always our wish to see them really close, which now finally happened at the place we least suspected it.