Postkarten aus Nepal

Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus Nepal.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Nepal.


✦ Annapurna CA, Nepal
Dear Nepal, we can´t quite believe that it has already been 8 weeks since we first met you. We had such a great time visiting your countless temples, hiking the stunning Himalayas, meeting your locals, celebrating our first Holi and exploring wildlife in the jungle. You have taught us so many lessons, mainly about the power of positive thinking, listening to our hearts when it comes to decision making, staying patient on nerve wrecking bus rides and improving our teamwork as a couple. We hereby promise that we’ll definitely come back one day to hike more of your mountains, discover different remote places and even eat the rest of all these deep fried momos you have to offer.


Gunsang, Annapurna CA, Nepal


✦ Durbar Square (Kathmandu), Durbar Square (Bhaktapur),  Charumati Stupa (Kathmandu), Durbar Square (Bhaktapur), Nepal

During our first days we visited countless temples, …


✦ Mount Everest, Himalaya, Nepal

… took a scenic flight to Mount Everest …


✦ Durbar Square (Bhaktapur), Patan, Nepal

… and already met so many amazing locals.


✦ Kathmandu, Patan, Nepal

Nepal´s streets are full of life and we often found ourselves in the middle of  rituals or parades.


✦ Kathmandu, Nepal


✦ Pashupatinath, Kathmandu
„We´re kept from our goal not by obstacles, but by a clear path to a lesser goal.“ – Bhagavad Gita. While traveling through Nepal we met many Sadhus around Kathmandu, who are ascetic monks or just religious people living a keen spiritual life. They refuse to own any possessions including a home, live on what they get as donations and spend most of the day sitting on the same spot in a temple meditating and waiting for liberation after the final phase of their hindu lives.


✦ Changu Narayan, Nepal


✦ Pottery Square, Bhaktapur, Nepal


✦ Kathmandu, Nepal


✦ Phewa Lake (Pokhara), Pokhara, Nepal

Mountains, lakes or rice paddies – Nepal´s nature has so much to offer.

DSC_0505 2(2)

✦ Lumbini, Nepal

At Buddha´s birthplace we joined a 48 hours meditation, which was one of our most bizarre travel experiences ever, …


✦ Cambodia Buddhist Temple, Monastic Zone, Lumbini, Nepal

… but the surrounding area was definitely worth it.


✦ Annapurna CA, Nepal

more locals


✦ Thakudwara, Bardia NP, Nepal

We also rented a beautiful little cottage and followed our passion for safaris in the National Parks, …


✦ Bardia NP, Chitwan NP, Nepal

… where we encountered tigers, Indian rhinos, pythons, monkeys or crocodiles by mokoro, raft, jeep or on foot.

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✦ Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepals unbelievably rich and tasty dishes never made us feel hungry at any point.


✦ Chitwan NP, Nepal

Please read: Before you see the following pics you need to know in advance that this activity was NOT elephant riding. These specific elephants are used to roam the Nationalparks everyday together with their personal mahouts in order to prevent wildlife poaching. After about 3 hours they will come to the river to get washed for a very long time every day. The only reason why Irene is sitting on the elephant is because he needed to turn to the other side, which is only pssible by him standing up and lying down again. That was the moment the mahout asked us if one of us wants experience the standing up that´s it. Time bathing the elephant = 45 minutes, time sitting on the elephant = 30 seconds.


✦ Chitwan NP, Nepal

Being so close to an elephant for such a long time with absolutely no pressure or other people in the water was a dream coming true.


✦ Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal

Finally we also mangaed to celebrate our first Holi festival in Kathmandu and freakin loved it!


✦ Ghyaru, Bhratang, Humde, Manang, Gangapurna Lake, High Camp, Annapurna CA, Nepal

Another big highlight was a multiday hike on a part of the Annapurna Circuit Trail during perfect weather conditions, which led us up to 5416m high Thorang La Pass and made us break our personal altitude record.


✦ Thorang La Pass, Annapurna CA, Nepal

well earned hot chocolate at the top included.

Bad weather didn´t allow us to spend as much time in the Himalayas as planned, but we really wanted to hike Nepal´s famous Annapurna Circuit. It wasn´t even sure if the trail would be open when we get there, but Irene kept saying: „We will be standing on top of Thorang La pass under a blue sky, you´ll see!“ Eventually her mantra became reality and we reached the highest point of the trail at 5416 meters above sea level under perfect weather conditions, which meant so much more to us than just getting to another cool spot. It was the reward for our courage of not giving up and making the best out of any situation, so we just had to celebrate this special moment with the most expensive but also tastiest hot chocolate we ever had.

DSC_0999 (2)

✦ Kathmandu, Nepal
Summarizing 5 weeks of your life in a few sentences and a little picture is almost impossible, but let’s just say: We’re doing absolutely great. Bodnath Stupa is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites, which lies in a nice yard surrounded by beautiful old houses with lots of little restaurants, where we dove right into Nepals cuisine and probably ate the spiciest meal of our lives.