Postkarten aus Italien

Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus Italien.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Italy.


✦ Lago di Braies, Italy
This picture perfect lake in northern Italy surrounded by spectacular summits of the Dolomite Mountains offers crystal clear water in all shades of green and blue. On our trip to South Tyrol we visited it three times on consecutive days at different times of the day and just couldn´t get enough. The undoubted beauty of this place makes it a well-known destination for locals and tourists alike, so you won´t be the only one walking this short, scenic trail. Surprisingly at midday there were only a few other visitors around – apparently Italians really love their siesta. Oh and be prepared for a small but grumpy cow herd grazing at the western shore of the lake during the summer months – Jonathan got poked by one after getting too close.


✦ Lago di Sorapis, Italy
It was a steep two hours hike that took us from the parking lot to spectacular lake Sorapis hidden between some high mountains in the Italian alps. Together with a friend from South Tyrol we started pretty early to avoid the biggest crowds, arrived with only a handful of other hikers, climbed up some small viewpoints and probably took a trillion pics of this amazing place. Ps: What looks like a weird milky smurf broth is actually the result of reflecting bright rocks on the bottom of the lake.


✦ Tre Cime NR, Italy
New year’s resolution No. 1 – spending more time outside. There’s nothing better than the silence of nature… plus you don’t hear people talking about their new year´s resolutions.