Postkarten aus Italien

Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus Italien.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Italy.


✦ Lago di Sorapis, Italy
It was a steep two hours hike that took us from the parking lot to spectacular lake Sorapis hidden between some high mountains in the Italian alps. Together with a friend from South Tyrol we started pretty early to avoid the biggest crowds, arrived with only a handful of other hikers, climbed up some small viewpoints and probably took a trillion pics of this amazing place. Ps: What looks like a weird milky smurf broth is actually the result of reflecting bright rocks on the bottom of the lake.


✦ Tre Cime NR, Italy
New year’s resolution No. 1 – spending more time outside. There’s nothing better than the silence of nature… plus you don’t hear people talking about their new year´s resolutions.