Postkarten aus Kanada

Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus Kanada.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Canada.


✦ Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada
Driving through Canada without spotting a moose is like visiting Africa without going on safari, so we were a bit disappointed we hadn’t seen any of these peculiar animals after traveling through the home of maple syrup for more than three weeks already. But on our third day in Algonquin Provincial Park it finally happened and we found one big female with two calves just at the roadside a few meters away from our car. Moose somehow look like hybrids between a giant horse and a deer with extremely huge noses and are so much bigger than expected! After observing them munching on branches for about twenty minutes we continued driving to our next hike, where we encountered a black bear with two cubs, but that’s another story …


✦ Gros Morne NP, Canada
Western Brook Pond is a beautiful but tough hike in Newfoundland, which you are only allowed to do with an official guide. The day started cloudy and rainy. We were not sure whether to do the trek or not as there was a high chance of not seeing anything but fog from the top. Little did one of us know that there was a special surprise waiting for her in the end and we both decided to just trust our luck. The minute we reached the top, the sky suddenly cleared up and gave us the most amazing view. Last weeks we celebrated 500 days of being married and still love to think back to this magical day almost 3 years ago.