Postkarten aus Ecuador

Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus Ecuador.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Ecuador.


✦ Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
When we planned our trip to South America a few years back we were not sure if we should stretch our travel budet to visit the Galapagos Islands. But after spending our first afternoon on Isla San Cristóbal snorkeling with a seal in a cave at the shore followed by a sunset on the beach with many more lying directly next to us, we never regretted our decision for a single moment. We also noticed that in every colony there is always that one guy rolling in sand when still wet, who is ending up as a „seal schnitzel“. Can you spot him?


✦ Guayaquil, Ecuador
Parque Seminario in Guayaquil is inhabited by hundreds of these super large and beautiful iguanas. To be honest we were kinda sceptical when we first came here, but everyone was so relaxed we decided it must be safe to watch these fascinating animals really close. Suddenly we heard people screaming and immediately thought that somebody was attacked by one when it turned out that a bunch of locals were just scared of an ordinary squirrel coming down from one of the palm trees. Seems like people always tend to be afraid of the unknown.