Postkarten aus Österreich ♥

Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus Österreich.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Austria.


✦ Austria
1 project, 2 jobs, 18 months and 100000 km of solo roadtripping through Austria. What somehow started as a spontaneous idea to just go with the flow, turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made during this confusing time. It had never been my plan to settle in a full time job, but I guess it´s true: „When one door closes, another one opens.“ I am beyond thankful. Thankful for every single person I met on this incredible journey, thankful for the friendships I made and thankful for two or three guardian angels, that kept me practically accident free on the roads. Thank you also Corona for giving me this lifetime experience of a job, teaching me how to grow as a human being and last but not least the opportunity of visiting so many beautiful places in this country I call home. There will probably never be another job fulfilling me with so much joy and supporting my urge to vagabond freely while serving a good purpose at the same time. As things are slowly becoming less dramatic, I can´t keep ignoring my inner urge of living the life I´ve lived before the world turned upside down. So goodbye to Corona testing and vaccination stations and goodbye to all the amazing COVID testing teams. Goodbye to hotel life, bad cooffees at the gas station, slippery roads and 5 am wake up calls in random towns. Irene, quality control – over and out. Unexplored countries and unknown adventures – here I come.


✦ Hallstatt, Austria
We´ve got so many pictures that will always remind us of wonderful travel days filled with laughter and adventure. And just as life with its ups and downs itself, there also have to be pictures preserving those past two years full of 25 hours shifts at the corona intensive care unit and lonely days in the car driving to the next corona testing station while only managing to do a few daytrips inbetween. Two more people with two crazy jobs somehow struggled their way through this tough time with bravery. But there´s light at the end of the tunnel and we just can´t wait to get back to what we do best.


✦ Hollbruck, Austria
Whenever we get some days off we try to explore new areas of our beautiful home country – so last year we spent four days in the winter wonderland of East Tyrol. There are so many beautiful things to do and places to see away from the ski slopes: We went sledging, hiked amazing viewpoints, picturesque lakes and strolled through tranquil forests. We also found this hidden shack several meters away from a hiking path, which gave us the idea of renting a rustic hut in the midddle of nowhere someday. If you´re looking for relaxation there is nothing better than breathing cold forest air and listening to snow crunching under your feet.


✦ Weißenkirchen, Austria
For the first time in eight years we´re not keeping up with our little tradition of visiting our most favourite happy place during autumn, the colorful vineyards of Wachau in Lower Austria. Don´t get us wrong, we wouldn´t trade our current trip through Central Asia for anything else and the trees in Usbekistan are just as amazingly colorful as back home. But we still can´t help getting a little sentimental when we look at this pic from freakin 2012 – time honestly flies! Also we can´t believe our two year honeymoon is coming to an end in eight weeks … or isn´t it?