Postkarten aus Kirgisistan

Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus Kirgisistan.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Kyrgyzstan.

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✦ Lenin Basecamp, Kyrgyzstan
Shepherds all over Central Asia build these yurts every summer when they move their livestock to the highlands and as long as the mountains are free from snow they are happy to accommodate visitors and tourists. This one is located at Mount Lenin Basecamp, one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. When we got there we were still suffering from some terrible food poisoning and even thought twice if we should climb that small hill to get a nice view. But after a really nice local dinner cooked by our lovely host and one mysterious „belly tablet“ we felt much better and spent the rest of the evening inside our yurt. Fun fact: Because night temperatures can drop close to zero degrees, there’s a little oven in the middle of every yurt, which is running on burned, dried Yak poop and turns it into a little sauna.


✦ Lenin Basecamp, Kyrgyzstan
During the last fifteen weeks we’ve been traveling through Central Asia and the Middle East: We faced our first offroad adventures in Kazakhstan, slept in Kyrgyz yurts, crossed the desolate Pamir mountains in Tajikistan, witnessed the architectural wonders of the ancient silk road in Uzbekistan, visited our fifth wonder of the world in Jordan and ended the trip hiking through the cedar forests of Lebanon. It wasn’t only a remarkable journey by itself, but also the worthy final of our two year honeymoon around the world. Choosing only one picture and – even harder – finding words to represent our current mood is quite impossible, so let’s just say we’re extremely thankful. Thankful for every person we met, thankful for every experience we made and thankful for this amazing life we are able to live. Our newest challenge will be processing all these impressions and getting used to this thing called „everyday life“, but don’t worry – we definitely won’t settle forever and already have big plans for the future …