Postkarten aus Jordanien

Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus Jordanien.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Jordan.

✦ Wadi Rum, Jordan
Our love story with camels got really serious after hiking through the Moroccan Sahara with them. In Jordan we decided to go camelback riding in Wadi Rum for a full day and although this turned out to be way less comfortable than expected – especially for Jonathan – we enjoyed every single minute of it. The next morning we drove by a group of these gentle, stubborn and a bit smelly creatures in the middle of the desert. Since they weren´t used to humans or cars the calf was constantly hiding behind it´s mother except for this one short moment when it got too curious, stepped aside clumsily and let us take this picture.

✦ Petra, Jordan
The „Petra by Night“ activity sounded a bit like a tourist scam, but we decided to give it a go anyway. Lanterns decorated the entire path into the city and as we arrived at the iconic monastery the whole valley was illuminated by hundreds of candles. We sat down on a mat, got a cup of Arab tea, enjoyed some traditional life music and gazed into the crystal clear sky, where we could even see the milky way.


✦ Wadi Rum, Jordan
If you think about deserts you might imagine vast, monotonous landscapes, but Wadi Rum in Jordan is exactly the opposite. On our tours exploring this fascinating area we walked through small canyons, climbed countless viewpoints and visited numerous rock formations including this natural bridge. By the way: We´re excited to be back with regular social media posts and updates on our blog. There are still countless stories untold and even more to be written in the future …


✦ The Dead Sea, Jordan
After roadtripping through the whole country, hiking canyons, sleeping without a tent in the desert, riding camels, exploring ancient castles and Roman cities we spontaneously decided to try something new and spent two nights at a nice resort with a private beach at the Dead Sea. We got covered in black mud, floated in the water and ate delicious food for two days straight, which was the perfect break from our rustic camping lifestyle.


✦ Valley of the Moon, Jordan
The red desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan is one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions, so we wanted to spend enough time here to see the less traveled parts as well. With differently colored sands and rock formations this desert is full of unique places worth a visit. While most tourists cover the highlights on a day tour, we spent four days with our excellent guide Fayez, who took us to amazing secret spots and showed us many different aspects of the desert and Bedouin culture. Somehow he also made us spend sunset at different breathtaking viewpoints evening after evening. Oh and by the way – this place called Valley of the Moon is the exact location where the movie „The Martian“ was filmed.


✦ Petra, Jordan
Getting up early always pays off and that morning at the ancient Nabethean capital Petra was no exception. We were among the first persons to arrive at the famous treasury and immediately started hiking to the viewpoint above. About one hour and hundreds of stairs later we still got there before the crowds arrived at the valley below. Sitting on top of the cliff during sunrise and gazing down into Wadi Musa and Petra´s architectural masterpiece was totally worth the effort and made the visit of our 5th Wonder of the World even more special.


✦ Coral Reefs Beach, Jordan
When we visited the Dead Sea in Israel last year we unfortunately couldn’t find a nice natural beach, because the whole shore is either occupied by public sandy beaches, luxury hotel complexes or industry. So we made it our personal quest to find an untouched stretch of coastline covered with salt once we visit the Jordanian side of the lowest place on earth. Twenty months later we stood on the opposite shore and found exactly what we were looking for: An accessible beach, where the salt sediment created beautiful crystals in all kinds of shapes you could imagine. It was like walking at a frozen snow covered lake side, just much hotter and way more salty.