Postkarten aus Jordanien

Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus Jordanien.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Jordan.


✦ Petra, Jordan
Getting up early always pays off and that morning at the ancient Nabethean capital Petra was no exception. We were among the first persons to arrive at the famous treasury and immediately started hiking to the viewpoint above. About one hour and hundreds of stairs later we still got there before the crowds arrived at the valley below. Sitting on top of the cliff during sunrise and gazing down into Wadi Musa and Petra´s architectural masterpiece was totally worth the effort and made the visit of our 5th Wonder of the World even more special.


✦ Coral Reefs Beach, Jordan
When we visited the Dead Sea in Israel last year we unfortunately couldn’t find a nice natural beach, because the whole shore is either occupied by public sandy beaches, luxury hotel complexes or industry. So we made it our personal quest to find an untouched stretch of coastline covered with salt once we visit the Jordanian side of the lowest place on earth. Twenty months later we stood on the opposite shore and found exactly what we were looking for: An accessible beach, where the salt sediment created beautiful crystals in all kinds of shapes you could imagine. It was like walking at a frozen snow covered lake side, just much hotter and way more salty.