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Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus Uganda.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Uganda

✦ Bwindi Impenetrable NP, Uganda
Seeing one of the view mountain gorillas left on this planet was the main reason for us to travel to Eastern Africa. Actually we wanted to travel Uganda in a group tour, but eventually ended up traveling solo, which meant a lot of unexpected organizing and planning. However everything worked out perfectly and we managed to go on a gorilla trek in the steep mountains of Bwindi National Park close to the borders of Kongo and Rwanda. After one and a half hours of up and downhill hiking, crawling, climbing and cutting our way through the thick rainforest we finally saw a gorilla family so close we could have touched them. The apes didn´t seem stressed at all and our rangers were really caring about their wellbeing. We spent one hour with those gentle creatures watching them munching on leaves and branches while relaxing in the woods, before leaving them alone for the rest of the day.


✦ Bwindi NP, Uganda
The face I make when I’m on a diet and bite into the first piece of raw celery.