Postkarten aus Griechenland

Hier seht ihr all unsere Social Media Updates aus Griechenland.

Here you can see all our social media updates from Greece.


✦ Zakynthos, Greece
It may sound strange for some Europeans, but we had been talking about island hopping in Greece for years before we finally did it. One of the islands we desperately wanted to visit was Zakynthos, where we for once exchanged our tent with a nice little apartment next to a pool and got a rental car for three days. This was the perfect way to explore all the beautiful spots the island has to offer – one of them being this famous place called Shipwreck Beach. You can visit the beach itself on a cruise, which we did as well, but the most enjoyable spot to witness its beauty is located on the cliffs above. Taking deep breaths of salty ocean air, holding our faces against the hot summer sun and enjoying this fantastic view made us remember once again how much it pays off to chase your dreams.


✦ Milos, Greece
Island hopping in Greece was on our bucketlist for a long time until we finally ticked it off last summer. The decision which of the more than 3000 Greek islands we want to visit wasn’t an easy one, but the pics of Milos left us no other choice but to go there. Especially the white rock cliffs of Sarakiniko Beach create a memorable scenery we can´t compare to anything else we’ve ever seen before. Colorful mineral deposits and picturesque fishing villages are just two more features making this island so special. To reach all these amazing places we rented a quad for the first time, which wasn’t only the most convenient but also most fun way to get around.